It's TezHappy time.

Share your Tezos crazy smile with the World!

MINTING SOON Stay tuned...

What is TezHappy?

The TezHappy NFT project is the first mass therapy ever launched on a Blockchain!

The Tezos Blockchain was launched on 30th June 2017. For the past 5 years, the Tezos kickoff was challenging and sometimes quite disappointing for the Tezos Holders. At the same time, we all know Tezos future is bright. But we need to do something to raise the confidence!

We are proud to announce that the TezHappy Team has now elaborated a New Formula!
Our TezHappist strongly recommends Tezos Holders to follow this treatment.

Only 2017 TezHappies available

Mint your white pill and show your smiling face to the world. We need true Tezos believers to send our community to the Moon, from Sleepy Giant to Awakening.

Why so serious? Once The Tezos eco-system shines all over the world, the smile on the TezHappies Holders will never end…


Meet the TezHappies

TezHappy is a collection of generative art build on the Tezos blockchain. Grab your pill and get one of the 2017 original TezHappies characters. Each TezHappy is a combination of 120 traits with rarity ranks from common to legendary, including 17 unique 1/1 TezHappy. Each one has a recognizable and exclusive smiling face.

Take our pills and join the first happiness therapy.

TezHappy pills effect: stimulate your Tezos brain, incite unconditional smile & confidence

Tired of Tezos bad trip? Sick of people who are denying Tezos potential?

Join our expanding Tezos addicts community. The Tezos Golden Age is at your doorstep. OG Holders or newbies, you are all welcome to enjoy the ride. Let’s switch your brain to a positive note and come join us as a member of the Tezos history builders.
Order your TezHappy pills now. One dose is sufficient, multi-doses are unpredictable!

Don’t go solo, don’t be on your own, join our Discord and invite friends.

Let’s go to the moon together!

Meet the team

Nicolas D.

Nicolas D.

Tezos mastermind

Tezos OG and believer since the ICO in 2017.

Crypto addict and NFTs consumer. He likes to diagnosticate problem solver at mind and propose his help to find the remedy. Creator and Manager of a digitalweb company, Nicolas likes to launch projects and federate people together. Good Things come to those who wait!
Julien F.

Julien F.

Creative Director

Tezos OG and believer since the ICO in 2017.

Blockchain and NFTs enthusiast, he took a deep breath in 2021 and dived into the Web3. Video Director for advertising and music industry with a strong background in film production, Julien likes to craft original characters and stories. Wanna guess his motto? “Smile it confuses people”
Sebastien R.

Sebastien R.

Tech / Contracts

Passionate about the web and code, Seb has created several digital companies which have become benchmarks in the sector.
Convinced that the Blockchain revolution is underway, he puts all his skills at the service of this new world, currently being built. Block after block.
Emeline F.

Emeline F.

Operations / Partnerships

Executive producer in adverting for a decade, she won several international awards. Emeline is constantly in search for the most innovative, creative and appealing content. She has no doubt her 6 years old kid will rumble the metaverse. May the world go for clean NFTs that’s what she wishes.
Albert S.

Albert S.

Operations / Marketing

Tezos OG and believer since the ICO in 2017.

Crypto investor since 2014 with a background in online marketing and digital strategy. Ready for new projects in crypto, curious about Web3 and particularly in Defi. Bullish with Tezhappy! Adult fan of Lego, collectible and Dogami.
Yoel T.

Yoel T.


Yoel likes to create and innovate in the digital world. Web3 and blockchain technology. What else?


Why you should go in Tezos Therapy?

Let’s go back to the past and remember:
Tezos was the largest ICO in 2017 ( 232 millions $ in ETH and BTC, value 2017). Not bad eh?
However we had to wait a whole year prior to the release of the Tezos token in our wallets !
If the same would happen in 2022, you would suppose it’s a scam.
What a joke ! But we keep believing.

Despite of being a revolutionary Blockchain governance protocol, in its earlier stages, a clash occurred within the Board of Tezos Foundation shaking the confidence in it. How funny and ironic is that?
Although having innovative NFT’s in the ecosystem, Tezos kind of missed the 2021 crypto Bullrun in comparison to others blockchains. Giving us, as Tezos holders, bad headaches and hangovers.
Now, you understand why you should need a therapy…

What are the benefits of such Tezos Therapy?

The therapy will help you to remember some Tezos facts:
Tezos network is a complete and functional open-source Proof of Stake blockchain.
The Tezos network requires two million times less energy than Proof of Work network such as Bitcoin or Ethereum which is making it one of the most energy responsible networks.
Tezos is the third largest Blockchain in NFT and with a true artistic community, including our own TezHappy of course!
Dogami is the first Petaverse and is launched on Tezos, do you have one?
Even Cristiano Ronaldo trusts Tezos. Have you seen him wearing a Tezos Tshirt?
We will keep your mental health stable and boost your confidence in Tezos. what a plan!
With this particular story and all those facts, do you still believe that Tezos will continue to stay much longer below the price?
Come on… we are in crypto …

Why should I buy and keep my TezHappy?

Showing your TezHappy PFP on your social media means 2 things:
1 - Yes, I am aware that Tezos didn’t go to the Moon… for now !
2 - I fully acknowledge my choice in investing in Tezos and I’m sharing with you my PFP crazy smile as I am confident in Tezos future and I’m proud of being a Tezos holder.
TezHappy NFT project is not just another PFP collection, it’s a token of recognition for Tezos OG holders

Grab a piece of Tezos History for the 5th year anniversary, even better with a Golden Frame.

Want more reasons ?

3 - You own the NFT. You own the personal and commercial rights of all the TezHappies you purchased. You are free to use and display your TezHappy NFT, you can produce and sell merch.
4 - Airdrops. Because a surprise airdrop is always a happy one.
5 - You are part of a highly exclusive, yet fun, Tezos club.
6 - Giveaways and collabs. As a TezHappy holder you will get whitelisting for new iconic projects utilizing the Tezos Blockchain.
7 - Golden TezHappy will act as an utility token in the coming Diztrict ecosystem.

When will start The Therapy?

Mintdate : more information coming soon. The Mint will start about 5 years after the Tezos ICO.

What is the mint price?

Mint price will be revealed soon…

How many TezHappies are available?

2017 white pills are available. Each pill is 1 shoot, giving you a special therapy result.

Where can I trade my TezHappies?

TezHappies will be tradable immediately after the sale on

What is a generative Art?

Generative Art is a process of algorithmically generating new forms, shapes, colors or patterns. First, you will create rules which provide boundaries for the creation process. Then a computer follows those rules, generating new works on your behalf. The randomness becomes part of the creative process. It creates a kind of lottery, where neither the collector nor the artist knows the exact end result, making it more exciting!

How to buy my TezHappy on Tezos?

As a member of the Tezos community, you should know by now how to buy a NFT but if you are a newb, here is how:
1. Open an account on your favorite exchange such as Binance or Kraken.
2. Buy Tezos with your Fiat (€ or $).
3. Download one of the most popular Tezos wallet (Such as Temple, kukai .. ) and create a wallet to store your Tezos and your NFTs.
4. Transfer your Tezos from your favorite exchange to your wallet.
5. Connect your wallet to our site. Your wallet will ask your permission.
6. Buy you TezHappy and accept the transaction.
7. You now own a TezHappy. It will be visible in your wallet.